Medical Cleaning

The Woodlands Janitorial Group has years of cleaning experience in the medical industry: hospitals, surgical centers, physician offices, dental facilities, and other health care locations.

We understand the robustness required of medical facilities. A healthy, clean environment is crucial for the safety and contentment of employees and patients; which is why we train our cleaning associates on the importance of sanitation and sterilization, including the prevention of cross contamination, for total overall cleanliness.

The Woodlands Janitorial Group is reliable! We set up a schedule to ensure that your facility is serviced on a consistent basis. Unsanitized floors, doors, restrooms, beds, chairs can cause a patient to contract another illness separate from the one they already have. An inconsistent cleaning practice leads to the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

The Woodlands Janitorial Group is dedicated to providing a clean and healthy environment for your medical facility! Call us today for your free quote (855)-627-3862

Our Services

  • Vacuum all carpeted surfaces
  • Empty trash and replace liners
  • Dust all tables, ledges, and other office equipment
  • Clean and sanitize bathrooms, including toilets, urinals, sinks, doors, partitions
  • Refill bathroom paper and soap supplies
  • Clean glass
  • Perform additional spot cleaning as required
  • Sweep & mop hard surface and More

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