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a Cleaner Community, together

Join TWJG’s Team, We are more than just a cleaning company. Every day we work to nurture a happy, healthy life for our team, our clients, and our neighbors. We look each other in the eye, invest in our community, and create moments of meaningful connection.

Live the life you dream of

At TWJG we inspire and empower our team to live their best life by taking these actions every day

Join TWJG's Team

Put Others First

Firstly, Our future is built on what we do today, and today we put others first. Whether serving our clients or collaborating with our team members, our actions are guided by answering the question,“How will this impact our community?” Most Importantly, We put one another first in our priorities and our decision-making so that tomorrow is better than today.

Secondly, Embrace Teamwork

Those who desire the opportunity to grow and lead, must be willing to support and serve. Firstly, We are a community-driven company that appreciates the value of every one
of our team members. In addition, We are committed to empowering our team with the leadership, opportunities, and resources needed to pursue a life of hope, integrity, responsibility and stability.

Exercise Stewardship

In this paragraph, We discuss exercising stewardship and At TWJG, believe we can make a positive impact on the world around us. After all, By exercising good stewardship with what we have been given and by delivering on our promises with excellence, we prove time after time that we are invested in those around us for their good; our team members, clients, and community.

Finally, Develop Creativity

Our creativity is our trademark and the fuel that powers our influence. In addition, the value creativity— recognize it, recruit people who possess it, and help people develop it.
However, We believe there is an ever-present opportunity to be better, to improve and to set a new standard. 

Values, in life and work


Make choices that make the world better


Do what is right, even when it’s hard


Every person and familiy needs a stable
foundation to thrive


The future can be better than the past